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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Moslem - Mennah Bakkar's books

About Mennah Bakkar Books

Description from Publisher :
Little Moslem's Series - Written for the Muslim child, most especially living in an English-speaking or Western country, featuring Twins Tarek and Jana.
Meet the twins, Tarek and Jana. They are six years old.

Join them and their friends on a journey of discovering what it means to be a little Moslem and learn about the five pillars of Islam.

A beautifully illustrated book, good for parents to help explain religion. It raises issues such as why Christmas is not celebrated by Muslims, and what is celebrated, while teaching the basic pillars of Islam.

Review Website : Click here

Binding : Paperback

Price : SGD$15 (52pages)

Recommended Age Group : 7 and above

Titles Available from each series : 2 each
1) Little Moslem - A Time To Give
2) Little Moslem - A Visit To The Kaaba
3) Little Moslem - Hurray! It's Ramadan
4) Little Moslem - Im a Little Moslem
5) Little Moslem - Let's Pray

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